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The Super (Wo)man Syndrome

I know that one way God speaks to me is through other people. Since I’ve heard the same message three times within the past week, I think someone in heaven is definitely trying to get my attention! Once at church, once on Kerry Shook and again this morning at a conference I’m attending. Although the latter was centered around prioritizing life based on work and gardening (yes, I said gardening) not spirituality it still hit home for me. I can only hope no one else noticed that luminous glow a top my curly hair when someone switched the lights on and that light bulb shined accordingly! As Oprah would exclaim, I had an “A Ha moment”.

The messages were all very different, but had one central point, the importance of prioritizing your life. I’ve heard before that if we try to do everything, we usually wind up accomplishing nothing and as i ventured back to my hotel room after the session I came to the conclusion that I had been accomplishing little to nothing in so many aspects of my life.

I don’t have the issue of not being able to say no like others, it’s that I have the Superwoman Syndrome. I literally want to do it all! Even though my plate is already filled to capacity, I find myself taking on new ventures with friends or colleagues. I’m wanting to start a not for profit, develop another business, pursue a new class, write new blog post, volunteer for the new ministry, start a new ____________ (insert activity, any activity). I’ve had so many people look at me and ask if I was crazy or tell me that I need to slow down and focus on one thing. But in true superwoman syndrome fashion my thinking was screw that, I’m doing it all!!

I’m in no way saying that we shouldn’t take on multiple task or endeavors because in this day and age it’s difficult not to. But focusing on one thing at a time has its perks, the main one being not driving you to drink or crazy! Even if you do have a lot to accomplish, by giving your all to one thing at a time you will probably end up with a much higher return on investment. This is especially important since you’re investing one of the most valuable things you own, your time!

Currently, I’m in the pruning process as we learned today at the session. I’m cutting away fruitless task and finishing off what I can so that I’ll be able to focus on the most important things. I won’t drop any of my current projects as I have committed myself to and understand the strength of my word. But I but will delegate when possible and won’t take on anymore task no matter how appealing.

Eventually, once some of the endeavors I’m currently working on begin to grow and flourish I’ll return to others, but going forward I’ll be more selective about what I commit my time to. My goal is to reap the rewards of a job well done, not half done!

What needs pruning in your life?

Here’s to a purposeFULL life!