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Let me tell you about my haul!

I am super excited about my thrift store haul today.  I don’t normally post about clothing, but this was just too good to pass up.  I’m big on shopping, but I’m also big on finding deals and using coupons.  Usually in retails stores you’ll find me making a bee line towards the clearance section, which is obviously a great way to save some cash.  But today there was no need as a couple friends and I hit up a couple of thrift stores in the area and I felt like I had gone to retail heaven with the deals I got!  It was enough it make me say I’m never shopping retail again (at least until the new year).  I purchased a bunch of items, (3 sweaters, 4 jackets, 1 skirt and 4 shirts to be exact) but wanted to share a couple of my favs with you! 


banana republic jacket – $12
elie tahari jacket – $12
HD in Paris top – $5

Farmers Market…

So, I’m (re)starting my healthy eating habits and a couple days ago I was able to check out the local farmers market. I got kale, some wonderful fresh strawberries and onions. Now, I don’t know if it’s all in my head, but honestly everything taste sooooo much better than what I purchase from the store. Each bite of a juicy, ripe strawberry was like a burst of fresh in my mouth! Is that a bit much lol? Well, let’s just say everything was delish.

It is a smaller market (only about 7 vendors) but there were a variety of options from fruit, veggies, flowers, jams and soaps. I was proud to support local farmers and small business, the only downfall is price. The eggs I bought were $6, which was a little pricey for me, but other things were just slightly above regular store prices. Plus a lot of farmers markets are now taking public assistance cards. I think I’ll make it a habit!
Here’s to a purposeFULL life!