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Here comes the sun!

I’m super excited because judging by the fact that I can actually open my windows without getting frostbite we are finally, FINALLY on the verge of glorious summer!  Since I actually have a yard this summer, I am eager to get out and start my garden (or at least watch/help my mom & aunt plant some flowers until I develop my nonexistent green thumb!).

I’ve already started choosing what flowers I want and have a vision for the look of my garden.  One thing I love is growing herbs namely cilantro and peppermint (which I use in my peppermint water that I speak on here).  So I thought I’d share my very mini-haul of these two great planters from Ross, because I’m all about the discounts!  They are a little tall, but I’ll make it work.  What are you doing in your garden this summer?

Bonus … apparently they’re dog approved!