Sacrificial Living

When I think of the word sacrifice so many definitions & meanings can be given. But, when I read about being a living sacrifice in the bible that honestly was something that took a while for me to process. As a self professed control freak, letting go & letting God was more frightening than calming & that is only because of my perspective. Allowing God to take the lead was not an easy thing to do (at least for me it wasn’t) & it’s something that I will have to do as an ongoing life process, probably a daily process! This is mainly because I only focused on what I wanted for my life, because I was fearful that God didn’t desire to give me the perfect cookie cutter life that I had mapped out in my head. The thought of not seeing my dreams & goals come to fruition made me grip them tighter & it was a struggle handing them over to God. I had been Lord over my life, not God & I hadn’t been doing a great job at it.

The bible tells us that He who loses his life finds it, this may not make sense in our natural world, but I knew that I had to rely on & trust God to give Him my life.

When you think about the options of keeping your life or giving it away, both will probably scare you. In keeping your life we are not following the will of God & in giving it away we are not following the will of our flesh, but the question is who/what are you going let lead you? Your flesh or God? For me, the choice was clear.

God wants to use our lives in this world, but He can’t if we are not willing to allow Him to lead us. I’m eager to see where He takes me!

How is God calling you to be a living sacrifice?

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