Just Keep Going

Last night, I asked God what He wanted me to read. I got a text immediately after & it had something to do w/a woman in her 90’s so of course I thought of Sarah. I reread the story of Abraham/Sarah & noticed something I had glossed over before. Although Abraham was a man of faith & righteousness he still asked questions of God. But guess what God listened to Abraham’s questions & still covered & blessed him! As someone who has allowed fear & frustration to cloud her faith at times it is a sigh of relief to know that God can & will still bless & protect me, even when I question. However, I think a great difference between myself & Abraham is that he was going to do what God wanted regardless of the answer or lack there of. He questioned in faith while still obeying Gods will for his life. I know for me it has been a difficult road to obey & keep my faith strong when I felt he wasn’t listening or had left me in the wilderness, I would get frustrated & upset with Him, stop reading my bible & pretty much give up. My commitment to Him has been full of ups & downs due to my inconsistency. So, if you’re anything like me I’m praying for you to just give your life to Him & obey (it’s His love language) even when you can’t hear His voice or think He has left you in the wilderness, He hasn’t. Draw near to Him, He will draw near to you & no matter what just keep going

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