What do the lonely do for the holidays…

There’s a sense of hopelessness that can come along with being alone for the holidays. I’m not speaking of people that make the choice to alienate themselves, but those that have no other options, no families or friends around.  It can be quite depressing if you let it get you down. Although I’m blessed to be spending much of my Christmas Day with my parents, this Christmas Eve has been quite a struggle.  For whatever reason loneliness and sadness has been a prime player in my days leading up to the holidays.  I avoid stores as I don’t trust my tears, they seem to come at the most inopportune times like when I run across giddy couples or giggling babies, as I’m reminded that I don’t have that in my life right now.  It can push you to the point of losing hope, to the point of searching through countless numbers of YouTube videos to find out if God really does answer prayers, or is it just yours that He seemed to miss.  For some it could push them to the brink of not wanting to do it any longer, not wanting to live another lonely day.  

So what do the lonely do for Holidays, how do they cope with the unwanted solitude? I don’t pretend to have all the answers, or any for that reason but I know that you must hold on to even the smallest amount of faith you can muster.  I know that helping others gets your thoughts off of your own problems and I know that running to people to heal you won’t.  For myself, I have to believe that my loneliness and struggles will serve a greater cause and praise Him through it all, through the tears, through the anger and the hurt.  It’s difficult, it is I know, but in the end I pray it’s worth it.

God Bless


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