I have this guy in my life and we’ve been on and off for quite some time now, at least six years.  Honestly, I’m  usually the cause of our off times as he’s sweet, gentle, kind and best of all a man of God.  The only draw back is it’s sort of long distance so there can’t be any regular hugs exchanged or hands held, which is something that I consistently desire.  So our relationship usually consist of me picking up my phone reading his messages or sometimes spending hours talking and listening to him.   But there are times when I want more and long for the closeness of someone that’s here, that I can touch or see face to face.  When I tell him this it sometimes breaks his heart because I know that he has given so much to have our relationship.  He understands my longings but often times he replies by asking me, am I not enough?  My answer varies, but I truly always want him to be enough, I always want to keep him first but honestly it can be a struggle at times when fleshly and impatient desires rise to the surface.  But I long for the day when with all my heart I can truly say yes Jesus, you are all I need, you are enough.

Court ☺️

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