4 before 40…

This weekend I turn 38.  I’m super excited to be where I am at my life, I’m a home owner, a Godly woman, I have a job I love and have the freedom to travel, but there are some things I am looking forward to.  I’m grateful for another year and thank God, although this has not been an easy year by far especially the latter half, with some health issues, family concerns and officially vowing to disengage completely with the man I once thought would be my husband.  I must admit this year looks a lot differently than I thought it would, but I’ve had to accept a lot of difficult things and accepting that life rarely goes as planned is one of them.  I know that although we may set goals there’s a great chance that they may not turn out as planned or come about as expected.  But yet and still I remain a dreamer, believe and of course planner so I couldn’t help but come up with some goals that I’d like to reach by my big milestone birthday of 40! 

Fun goal: My fun goal is two fold.  To take a trip at least once a year to an international location and the second is to get out more at home.  The latter may not seem like a big thing to some people, but considering that a fun Friday night for me is usually cuddling up in my bed and watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead or even worse getting my coupons together for Sunday shopping, it is for me.  So I want to meet new people, I want to date as much as I can and just enjoy life where I’m planted.

Bravey goal: to take that trapeze class I’ve been wanting to try for years!  Today as we walked along the pier in Santa Monica they were giving trapeze classes and it reminded me of a class I wanted to take at home but hadn’t because I didn’t want to go it alone.  I usually have no issue doing things alone, in fact I’m a bit of a loner, but for whatever reason I let that stop me when it came to taking the class.

Life-long goal: to publish the first book in my children’s book series. I’ve had the idea in my head for years and earlier this year  I completed the first book, but that’s where the successes ended.  My goal was to have a schedule to look up and submit to at least five agents per week which hasn’t happened.  So wether I go the agent route or self-pub route I want to have at minimum the first book published and in major bookstores (do they still have those?!) within the next two years.

God-sized goal:  my dream of having a husband and children has increased tremendously over the past few years.  And while I refuse to settle for the sake of a ring, i have to admit that my biological clock has been ringing loud and clear in my ear no matter how many times I press snooze!  So my God-sized goal (prayer) is that I meet and marry a man I can consider a true soul mate and at least be with child before turning 40.  I plan to date as much as possible and I’m already on two dating sites although they haven’t been used much.  I do know that this is something God himself will have to move on and it will happen in his timing, but if nothing comes from dating  other than the fact that I had fun and got to meet some cool people that would be great!

What are your goals before your big milestone birthday?

Be blessed


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