When we grow weary…

Do you ever feel as if you want to give up dong the right thing?  When you get tired of putting others first, don’t have the desire to control your tongue, or grow weary of praying and seeming to get no answers.  If you do then I can totally relate, one thing that I struggle with from time to time is patiently waiting for God to reveal or send my significant other my way.  Although I realize the purpose in waiting and growing while I do, it can become extremely discouraging to want something and not be sure when or if it’s coming.  Recently I grew very frustrated with the waiting process and was close to just giving up and accepting a date from a guy I had no real interest in.  Now, I know some people will say that it’s just a date and not that big of a deal.  But months ago I told God that I didn’t desire to go out with anyone that I had no future with (you can read about that here).  This man was someone I knew from the past and I know I would have gone out with just so that I didn’t have to deal with momentary loneliness and boredom.   I truly desire to stand by the fact that I am waiting with the goal of growing closer to God and into a godly woman.  So, instead of going out, I called my cousin who helped talk me off the ledge, but what truly kept me from taking the leap was when I typed into my internet browser ‘tired of doing good’ and the first result was Galatians 6:9 -Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up (NIV).

If my computer had hands this verse would have been a big slap, because something struck me and I knew that I wasn’t fully appreciating the moment, but attempting to escape what I had deemed boredom instead of embracing it as a time to grow closer to God.  This verse is what truly pulled me through and kept me from giving in.   Sometimes I feel like the father in Mark 9:24, where he exclaimed to Jesus, I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”  Because if I truly believed, beyond the shadow of a doubt that my husband was coming would I continue  to have these moments  of frustration?  If we believed God when He said that whatever we asked for in His name He would do, would we stress about that job, our kids or whatever else is causing us mental anguish at the time.  Believing in God or knowing that He will do all He has promised and many times much more, even though we don’t see it on the horizon or have no idea how He will bring it about, is how faith works.   He is pleased by our faith, he is delighted when we truly believe with our hearts in Him, so in moments when we grow weary of the process, the question becomes where is your faith?   I must truly believe without a doubt that God will not allow my waiting to be in vain.  I have to ask Him to grow my faith so that when test come (even minor one’s  like I faced) I can see them for what they are and know that my days of doing what is right are not in vain and I will ultimately be rewarded for my diligence and obedience.  We can’t be afraid to take action by being still and patiently waiting for God’s best while doing the work to become His best.  We are sometimes so afraid that because our right now is stagnant or we don’t seem to be reaping the rewards of doing the right thing or life isn’t going the way we want that we will never get the chance to finally fly and have that dream career, publish that book, buy that house or have a wonderful marriage.  Many times we think this because we see everyone around us seem to take off or we are just tired of waiting for our turn to leap, but I’m praying that you have the resilience to keep doing what you know to be right.  I pray that you have the faith in God to believe that one day, when the timing is perfect, you will certainly soar.

God Bless,

Court 🙂

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