Generational Curses…

For a long time I believed that my family was under a generational curse because sexual sin, physical and mental abuse, unfaithfulness, bad relationship choices, and divorce seemed to be rampant.  I can recall a conversation with my cousin a while back where we both decided that there must have been a curse placed on our family and that we would have to be the generation to break it.  That was many years ago and she has since gotten married and although it took years I have been able to shift the way I handled my own bouts with molestation, rape and being in an extremely abusive relationship.  I now know that I have a choice to remain a victim of the past or use what I’ve learned to impact others, just as we have a choice to accept and walk in the light and love of God or continue in our walk with the devil as he reminds us of our past and ‘curses’.

I ran across this video where Marilyn Hickey is interviewing Devon Franklin, he speaks briefly on generational curses so I wanted to share.  I’m not able to embed it so the link is here.

The second video is more information about generational curses and the power we have through the blood of Jesus to break them.

Be blessed

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