Looking back…

There are times when you may want to look back at a relatonship from the past, especially if that person pops up in your present.  Which, unfortunately usually happens right when you are almost but not completely over them.  You may find yourself thinking about them, wondering what could have been or how things should have gone.   You wonder if it was really love and if it’s possible to reconcile.  But while you’re thinking about this I would urge you to think about the qualities that caused you to break up in the first place and why you are attempting to cut ties with this person now.  Letting go isn’t easy, but sometimes it is very necessary.

You may want to hold on, but if that person has made it clear they are moving on or throwing mixed signals it’s best for your heart to keep it moving, no matter how difficult.  I’ve made the mistake of sticking around where I wasn’t wanted before.  I stuck around because he would text me every now and then thus keeping my hopes up, but I’m sure he was just comfortable and wanted me around until he found someone else (as he told me he was definitely going to date other people).  The best thing to do in this situation in my opinion is to cut ties even if it take several tries.
By doing this you are respecting and honoring yourself as well as allowing space in your life for the man of your dreams to walk right through the door.  Because think about it, if that person truly was for you, they would have been there for you.  The right person will love you past your faults, not fault you for being human… I say all this to say, don’t look back. Keep moving forward!  Just a little (almost) midweek inspiration 😉



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