Daughters of Eve

I received a very derogatory meme today from a guy that I was none too happy with. It could be that I am taking things too seriously and that I am highly sensitive or passionate about my stances but to say the least it irked me.  From my view I could see the deeper meaning and sentimentality behind it and many other memes of its kind. The degradation, consistent exploitation and predatory mindset against femininity and womanhood as a whole.

There is a gentleness that comes with womanhood, a nurturing instinct that is needed to conceive and build a family. In other words God made us special! But most of what society brings to the table does little to reinforce these beautiful qualities because they are seen as weak instead of necessary or equal to many characteristics that are seen as masculine. Today women are expected to be hard and in many cases they embrace it by cultivating the culture of a ‘bad bitch’ that is then perpetuated from generation to generation. Sadly, one day we may look up and wonder where have all the true women gone?

The assault on my womanhood and crucial feminine characteristics is constant. Through music, television, social media and now from the people who should celebrate me! It’s disheartening, especially when women are passively accepting or ignorantly perpetuating the objectification. We can laugh off things like this meme as a joke, but collectively with all the other bullets, it is a negative massive overhaul of the female psyche because in the end words truly do have power. It is the constant tugging and pulling at our self-esteem and worth that breaks us down both mentally and spiritually.

We are women, daughters of Eve, mother of ALL living things, made in the likeness of God and woven from man. Our Adams should speak life into us, not kill us slowly with evil words or malicious names. That is not love and I pray for a world where it is considered ‘thirsty’ to long for genuine love and commitment or where a woman is abused and mocked for her gentleness, vulnerability and sensitivities. We must begin to learn and celebrate our womanhood, to teach our daughters (& other young ladies) the true treasure of being a lady. Ideally the world will learn to respect our womanhood even if they can’t comprehend its power.

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