2015 the year of resolution alternatives

Happy new year! With the new year comes the usual creation of resolutions and tackling old bad habits to start a new. But if you’re anything like me those resolutions may start off like a lightning bolt and somewhere around April or May-ish fizzle out like a sparkler. I forget about them or don’t make time and by the start of the next year I’m beating myself up for not accomplishing what I set out to do.

So, this year I’ve decided to not make a list of specific task for 2015 in lieu of one very general, easily applied life goal. The only thing I’m focusing is making better choices in all situations. Eating, relationships, finances, career, basically everything. Our lives are all about choices and maybe if before making a decision I can remember to take the time and focus more on the pros and cons I’ll choose the best possible one. I don’t want this type if thinking for a year, I want it for life!

I thought of a couple other alternative ways to create your resolutions if the conventional way isn’t quite cutting it for you either.

1. Make monthly resolutions: instead of making large goals to tackle at the beginning of the year, you can make smaller ones for each month. If you keep a calendar write your goal on the top of the month to keep as a reminder as you go through the year. You can also break up a larger goal into doable pieces this way.

2. Make one general blanketed goal or resolution: it can be something like my own of making better choices in all situations or something you struggle with. But make it something that you can easily incorporate into your life so that it almost becomes second nature.

3. Group resolutions: if you have a couple of friends with similar life goals make a resolution together. Have check points throughout the year and let each other know how you are doing. Having accountability partners is always a great way to remain on track.

I want to know what your resolutions/goals are, post them below!

Here’s to a purposeFULL life & a prosperous 2015, God bless!


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