YaY for New STUFF!

I finally made it to Whole foods as I’ve moved and haven’t had time to research a health food store. But I picked up a few of my staple favs and a couple new products. The olive oil and green tea extract Shea butter from Nubian Heritage smells heavenly and the reviews aren’t in on the simply bright facial grains as of yet. I’ll try it for a couple weeks and see how I feel about it.


One thought on “YaY for New STUFF!”

  1. Hello!

    We’re Zion Health a vegan body care company based in San Francisco. Since 2007, we’ve offered a line of all natural skin and hair products that feature a unique detoxifying clay.

    We’d love for you to try out our some of our products and write us a review on your blog or our website, AdamaMinerals.com

    If you’re interested, contact me at cheyenne@zionhealth.com and I can ship out a sample ASAP. (Our stuff is also available at Whole Foods)

    Thanks, and hope to hear back from you!


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